Training Management System

When we asked some of our key clients what their dream Learning or Training Management System would be, they told us the following:

We’d like something that …

Is free. (well obviously…)


Is flexible and requires little in the way of training in order to get started. Has the usability of something like Facebook

Is impartial and helps me find and book the best trainers from within the platform

Allows me to manage the training for every employee in my company regardless of occupation or job role

Has some sort of human support when I need it rather than simply being presented with an online set of FAQs

Is free from all the training jargon and complexity

Is super easy to use

Helps me rather than hinders me

Works with software I already have

Stops me giving up and going back to Excel

Provides me with the information that I actually need, not irrelevance

Allows me to search and book classroom training courses or elearning courses of any kind, anywhere and from anyone.

Is relevant to my industry

Updates live bookings with information gathered from every stakeholder in a training cycle. Everyone, from my delegates to the instructor conducting the course.

Automatically surveys my delegates and gives me the feedback

Isn’t precious about where I’ve booked training from previously

Allows me to download data and print certification from legacy courses that have already taken place

Reminds me when training dates are approaching and when delegates need retraining

Offers relevant advice and course suggestions based on an employees job role

Gives me the tools to manage my training efficiently and effectively.

Doesn’t mean I have to use it exclusively without ever having a way out

Has accountancy built in and can produce statements and consolidated invoices as and when I need them

Doesn’t end up making me angry..!

So that’s exactly what we built… Our training management system is all this and more. And it works for a single person up to a company with 10,000 employees. We even have tiered access built in so that your employees and delegates can login for themselves and check on their own training.

In short, our Training Management System is a free to use tool that training and HR managers can use as and when they need it to manage the ongoing training and continued professional development of their employees. If you’ve booked a course with us in the past then you already have an account, if you’d merely just like an account, then simply contact us below and we’ll get you hooked up right away..

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