Frequently Asked Questions

Who are XYZ ?

We're XYZ Training Group Ltd, one of the largest dedicated training companies in the UK. Were owners and operators of training websites such as, and - to name but a few. Last year we trained over 80,000 delegates from lands end to John O'groats for companies and organisations ranging from the MOD in Whitehall to Rolls Royce in West Sussex and Harrods in Knightsbridge.

Says Lowest Price Guaranteed, whats that?

Very simply put, we guarantee that you will not be able to find a comparable course at a price lower than what you receive from us.

Why should I trust you to deliver my training?

First and foremost, we are a long established training company that have had the pleasure in providing training for thousands of businesses in the UK. We have delivered training for a good number of the councils and local authorities. We are preferred provider for certain courses under Job Centre Plus and are regularly recommended to clients by the Health and Safety Executive. We also have a Customer Charter that guarantees you a level of service that, in part, says that we will provide the same level of service to you as an individual as we would to a large institution. Whomever you are and whatever your training needs are, we will provide you a specialist to help you through the process and find the course which is most appropriate to you. Why you should trust us is because we put our customers 1st, nothing less and have developed systems and processes which have evolved over the past 12 yrs to bring you a service that is second to none and a price that is better than anything else on the market.

Ok, I've paid for a course, what now?

Once you have paid for your training course, we will automatically send you a receipt of payment, an invoice and your joining instructions. Whats more, we'll also provide you with access to your own login to our Training Management System, where you can view the status of your training enquiry, get in touch with your trainer directly and do a host of other things besides. Once your course is complete, you can do a bunch more things, such as the printing of temporary certificate to prove you attended the course.

What else can I do once Ive logged into your system?

That all depends on what the scale of your training need is. If you are an individual, you can print certificates, joining instructions and copies of your invoice or have them mailed to you. If you are a corporate client responsible for the training of others, you can manage individuals, teams of people and set their training needs. Our system is interactive, so we will upload real copies of certificates, delegate photos, courses that your delegates have been on, expiry dates and reminders of training courses completed. The list of what our Training Management System can actually do is available here

I've made an enquiry, can I manage this process myself and pay online etc?

Yes, of course. If you visit this page and simply enter your enquiry reference and email you will then be able to pay online plus do a host of other interactions besides. Once payment has taken place on our secure payment processing partner Secpay, you will automatically then be sent all the relevant course information.

I've heard that you also buy training on behalf of your clients if you don't have a training centre nearby?

This is true. The XYZ Training Group is more than just a training company. We appreciate that we ourselves may not always have the most appropriate course exactly where our clients want it on the date they require, but we know someone who does.. If you catch our drift. In these instances we will provide you with exactly what you want, which includes us placing you or your delegates with one of our carefully selected training partners courses. We already do this for our managed training service partners so it's quite common. But don't worry, our Lowest Price Guarantee ensures that you don't pay anymore than anyone else and our customer service charter means that you get the same top level of service as if we ourselves hosted the course.

I am a human resources or training manager, what can you offer me?

This is where we come into our own. The XYZ Training Group has grown off a background of dealing with corporate clients and, as such, means that most of our systems and processes are geared to dealing with clients with a greater training need. In addition to our Training Management System, we also offer our corporate clients preferential terms both in the price paid and be extending credit terms, plus we will assign you an account manager who will learn about your business and training requirements and be on hand to offer you free advice with regard the latest legislation and training required for your employees. The specialist you will be assigned will be experienced in your sector and can help you both in budgeting training costs through to developing a program of training throughout the year. This is a free service and requires no commitment on your behalf.

If Ive used your company several times, can I have one login to manage both my old and new bookings?

Yes, you can. We will link your company enquiries together, so they are all viewable from a single login. We can also link other persons in your organisation who may have organised training in another region or department to your account, should you so wish of course and give the appropriate persons within your organisation tiered level access, so that the guy at the top can see everything that's going on in an organisation, whilst the delegates on the courses can concentrate purely on their own training.

What happens if I want to cancel?

The eternal problem. The short answer to this is we will be as fair and as reasonable as we possibly can be. Obviously if you cancel at short notice or at the last minute or simply don't turn up and we couldn't sell that course to someone else, then in that instance you may not get a refund. We will however try to re-allocate you onto another course, but depending upon the situation this is not always possible. If your booking has been placed in the hands of one of our training partners, we are a little at their mercy, but we're all humans at the end of the day, so we will try and come to a satisfactory solution. Our terms and conditions explain the cancellation rules, but the short answer is, if you book a course with us please try and turn up.

Do you develop training courses for a specific need?

Sure. We regularly create, if you will, add-on modules and units to our existing courses where they directly relate to our client's application of the training. In the past we have also created completely new courses that are designed solely for the benefit of a single client. So the short answer is yes. Furthermore, being the owners and operators of we also build company specific eLearning courses tailored to a client and, depending upon the volume of delegates, will either do this for a fee or charge on a per delegate. We are also striving to make eLearning versions of all our current classroom courses.

Tell me about private courses or courses for groups at my venue?

No problem. This is probably our most popular course option. We will come to your premises (or a nearby to you venue) anywhere in the UK, in fact anywhere on the globe, and conduct any of our training courses for your company. As mentioned in the question about, we will even add in modules specific to your application or individual need. You can have any of our courses on any date you require, at any time and in any location. And the price will be the same more or less than if you came to us. We have sent trainers to South America, to Iraq, most of Europe and to America to conduct our training courses. Whenever and whatever your requirement, we have it covered. As usual, with our lowest price guarantee.

How can I pay you for a course I want to confirm?

We will take all major credit cards and debit cards either over the phone or online and these payments are processed by PayPoint. We will not hold or store any of your payment information. you may also choose to pay us via Paypal, cheque or by BACS. No payments accepted on the day of the training I'm afraid.

When will I get my certificates?

A common question. And not an easy one to answer. If it is one of our courses, we will process the paperwork as soon as it is received from our trainer and as soon as it lands on our desk. If the course is certified by a governing body, then from our perspective we will be very reactionary and not create any undue delays. Unfortunately, some governing bodies do quote up to 12 weeks to turn around certificates, so we unfortunately are stuck with their timescales. However, to mitigate this, you can login to our system and print temporary certificates until the real ones arrive.

Why does the price change depending on the delegate numbers?

As you can imagine, our costs are mainly in our trainers time and his or her travelling. Thats a fixed cost. If you can provide more delegates, then the cost per person will go down.

I'm in a desperate need for a training course, can you help?

Yes. If anyone can, we can. In the past we have actually delivered a training course on the day it was enquired about, so please give us a call or request a call back and one of our team will be on it immediately.

I see you have something called dual or combined courses, whats that?

Yes. this is something new which we have created for group bookings and, on occasion, for individuals. What this does is combine two half day courses into a full days training. Many clients asked us for this, so we responded. For arguments sake, lets say we're asked to deliver a working at heights or ladder course, well it makes sense to assume that those very same individuals would probably benefit from learning about say harnesses as well. So we create two half day courses running back to back on the same day. You can combine any of our half day courses this way in any training sector. Not only will it save you money, but it will also give you and your business less staff downtime and reduce training time of having two courses on two separate days.

Why dont you have booking forms like other training companies?

A commonly asked question. We like to think of ourselves as progressive. And we used to have booking forms. However, to alleviate paperwork for both parties, we have created an online version of our booking form and merged it into our custom Training Management System (which is free to use Btw). Once you have confirmed your training, you will be sent a login link where you can add your delegate names and any other information which the course may require, such as delegate national insurance numbers and/or any other pre-requisite qualifications. Best part is, it's super easy to use.

When will I know if I've passed?

The timeline of when you will know will be explained to you before you start your course or, in the event of it being online at, before you register or begin your first module. Obviously every course is different, but this will be explained to you before hand either by one of our specialist consultants or by the trainer on the day.

How do I find out what delegates have attended what training course?

Again, all provided within your training course management suite. Our trainer and our business development team may have added delegate names and photographs and also the dates of training courses and when and which of your delegates went on a specific course. As the buyer, you too have edit privileges of courses taking place. You can also review any legacy courses which we have delivered and check on who attended. We think it important that during any training cycle all stakeholders need to be on board, aka the trainer knows where he or she has to be and on what time and date. When you login to our system, you will be able to view the flow of communications between you, your delegates, us and our trainer - giving you the peace of mind that everything is taking place as it should be.

Whats the point of adding photographs of my delegates?

A lot of courses now produce ID cards or print faces on certificates, so we take care of that problem for you. If the course you booked requires putting a face on a certificate then we will store those photos against those names incase they attend another or additional course with us. It also makes the management of delegates within our Training Management System much easier when you can see the delegates themselves.

You appear to be advertising a lot of courses, are these all real?

Yes. As far as were concerned, every course on our network, be that course type or the open courses taking place are all available to book. Some open courses displayed may not be marked as being “confirmed” yet, hence they are not yet guaranteed to take place. You are welcome to make an enquiry for these courses and we will confirm to you if the course is running, this is to save you any issues through booking something which then does not take place. We know from experience how frustrating this can be when training providers offer something which may or may not actually go ahead.

What time does my course start?

Course start times are displayed on your customer pack email and on the MyCourses page within your TMS account. If you are in anyway unsure, please contact either the training consultant assigned to your enquiry, the trainer direct or one of our training specialists on 0844 335 8882.

Do you provide training at the weekends or out of normal office hours?

Yes. Absolutely. Seems to be more and more common nowadays. We appreciate the demands of modern business and how training has to fit in with commercial need so hence we regularly train delegates at client premises after work, at weekends, we train nightshift workers and also those overseas, on oil rigs e.g. and on military bases. Wherever you need us to be, we will be there.

What happens if it all goes wrong?

We've seen most things, we have had trainers stuck in major accident traffic jams, clients booking courses they never required and dates getting mixed up etc. We like to think we're never to blame *ahem, but joking aside, things happen. If it's our fault even if its out of our control, then we will immediately issue a full refund and / or reassign the course for another day. The way we look at it is, getting dozens of trainers to many locations each day means that somewhere at sometime things have a chance of going wrong, regardless of the systems and checks we put in place. We like to believe that on the rare occasion things do go awry it's what a company does next that counts. We like to take pride in our after sales care, especially at times like this. We have never lost a client yet through problems occurring with a training course and we will ensure we do everything in our power to mitigate mishaps as fast and as quickly as possible and resolve anything that didn't quite go to plan. Our customer service charter spells out what we will do for our clients in all instances. The short answer being that we will deal with it.

Are the prices quoted with or without VAT?

Exclusive of VAT. If you make an enquiry, a quote will be sent to you which includes the current level of VAT

Do you accept part payment from government or locally funded council training schemes?

The short answer to this is, yes. We know most of the funded programs, but if its a new initiative, we will be pleased to work with whomever the funding body is.

How many delegates do you need to run a private course on my premises?

This is mostly down to cost. However some health and safety courses require a minimum delegate count for, well, health and safety reasons. The more delegates you have on a course, the cheaper it becomes per head. Most private courses on client premises are done on a fixed cost basis. In the past we have trained 20 delegates for one client and 4 for another for the very same course and where the total cost has been the same. In any regard, we guarantee you wont find a like for like course cheaper elsewhere.

And how many persons can I put on a single course?

This is down to a number of factors including how many persons can we sensibly train at once. Also, the course itself and any governing body associated with it have rules governing maximum course numbers and we will let you know what this is at point of enquiry. The smallest maximum delegate number we have currently is 4 persons for an IPAF powered access training course, the largest is for up to 100 persons on a presentation skills seminar. Typically most courses have a maximum number between 10 and 20. But do bear in mind if its a half day course, you can double the maximum delegates and host an AM / PM dual course where the price will remain the same.

Why do you charge VAT when education is non-vatable?

We are a business entity that is selling training on a commercial basis, we are therefore registered for VAT and must pass it along during invoicing. If you believe your training should not be VATable, then this is something you can claim back. However, we will charge VAT on all our invoices

How can I contact you?

You can contact us using the form below, by phone on 0844 335 8882 or from overseas on 0044 2392 160650. You can also email us at

Do you provide consultancy training services?

Yes we do and we do this for free. If you require an assessment of your training requirements and / or an update as to current legislative requirements, one of our specialists can talk to you over the phone or make an appointment to come and visit your business and learn more about your requirements there. He or she will report to you any shortfalls or requirements in your training program and give an estimation on cost. Whether you choose to use us for that training after that is of course up to you. We provide this service asking no commitment at all on your behalf

How do i log in to my account?

You can login, register or receive a password reminder using the links at the top of this page

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