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From research*, we know that the top three concerns from clients looking to book training courses are :

Is my chosen training partner legit?

do they have the skills themselves in order to deliver an engaging and rewarding course?

Am I getting the right qualification I or my employees need?

Three concerns that don’t exist when you book your training with Xyz Training Group.

For a start, not only do we cover the entire length and breadth of the UK, but our self-delivered courses also come with a money back guarantee, meaning that if any of our clients are dissatisfied with the quality or validity of the course in anyway, then not only will a full refund be issued, but also we will supply retraining for free where required.

Furthermore, all our trainers are thoroughly vetted, selected and chosen based on their skills and qualifications and on the feedback given by previous clients. And our specialist client liaison team is there to help you throughout the entire process to make sure you get the exact course required, at the most appropriate venue, date and time - for you, not for us. And we provide training always at the best price possible. Something else we Guarantee.

With more than 50,000 future training course events being advertised at any one time, if we don’t have the course you are looking for, then it probably doesn’t exist. We are a training company with our own venues, we also help our clients find courses from other leading training providers in the UK. We manage companies training programs, we remind our clients when they need retraining, we help build elearning courses and we have a key accounts team ready to help in anyway that they can. Last year alone we trained in excess of 80,000 delegates..

Our ethos is for us to deliver the same professional service to a single person looking to improve their lifelong learning and professional development through to HR managers and training executives looking to book and manage hundreds, sometimes thousands of different training courses for their company employees. All of which we can do seamlessly.

Whatever training or professional development you or your company requires, we can help you, both today and in the future. And that’s a Guarantee..!

*2014 Survey of 500 UK training buyers

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