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XYZ Goes Mobile

imageIn this modern age of permanent connectivity, more and more of our clients are requesting that they interact with us using their tablets and smartphones. Good news is, as usual we’re building for them exactly what they want..

Via (notice the extreme shortness of the name) our clients can now search and book training courses with us using their mobile devices and smartphones. And very soon they will also be able interact with us in the very same way they currently do via the regular web.

Viewing the status of a training course, editing delegates, uploading pictures, receiving SMS reminders, directions, maps, certificates, managing existing accounts and a whole lot more will very very shortly all be possible via a simple smart phone.

And what’s more, where connectivity is paramount when being on-the-go, not only will our clients be able to do virtually everything they currently do on their desktops, but our valued trainers and training partners will also be able to view the courses and bookings we send to them and update their calendars and courses whilst they perhaps take a break from their hectic training day, saving them that time later when they should be enjoying that well earned rest.

The good news doesn’t stop there, via our sister website – here our elearning clients will very soon be able to attend courses and learn on the go with our new mobile elearning app. Clients will be able to learn new skills when perhaps they are travelling on a plane or a train or simply sat on a beach or having a coffee.

As ever, XYZ Training Group brings this new technology to the market years in front of our competitors. As the UK’s largest dedicated training group, we are continually evolving, continually developing and aiming to bring learning to our clients in the simplest and most convenient way possible.. XYZ Training Group – Learn with us.